Digital Totalitarianism: China’s Social Credit System

Several years ago, the Beijing government announced the introduction of a new system that will affect the entire country. This system, called the social credit system, is similar to the modern dystopia, in which the government controls everyone and the citizens, along with institutions...

Turkmenistan’s New Silk Road Policy

Situated between Central Asia and Iran, Turkmenistan has a noteworthy strategic position. In other words, Turkmenistan is Iran’s gateway to Central Asia as well as a portal for Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan into the Caspian Sea. In this sense, Turkmenistan is at the centre...

Russia’s Greater Eurasia Project

During the summit of the heads of member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana June on 8-9, Pakistan and India have become permanent members of SCO. By this means, four members of the SCO have a coast to...

Why Does China Plan to Build the New Silk Road?

Announced in 2013 by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the grand vision of a Silk Road Initiative includes the concept of ‘the Silk Road Economic Belt’ and the other concept of ‘21st-century Maritime Silk Road’ during his visit to Kazakhstan and Indonesia. The Silk road project has two new trade corridors which connect...

The economic effect of the Crimean annexation

The Strategy for socio-economic development of Crimea to 2030 has formed the basis for the vision of the newly annexed region. The adopted document aims to form the modern engineering, transport, and social infrastructure, and to ensure “all-inclusive” sustainable development. Since Crimean annexation, Russia has...



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