The Crisis of National Integration and Tribes in Africa

Before the decolonization, the societies were wanderers in Africa. No one handled to brought these societies in one order. But the colonists achieved to combined them in one state and formed their identities. But the colonists didn't manage to create a cohesive society in...

Turkey’s Return to the Heartland and Balkan Turks

Turkey's soft power is transforming into the achilles’ heel of Europe and the Balkans. The wave of racist and facist incidents are spreading across Balkans. The pressure on the Turks, the largest ethnic minority group in the country, has increased before the general elections...

The Rise of Ethnic Consciousness and its Implication on Contemporary Ethiopian Politics

The rise of ethnic consciousness has become a global phenomenon as many anthropological investigations confirm. People who organize themselves on the basis of ethnic identity have been striving to keep their socio-economic as well as political demands. This occurrence is further reinforced by the...

The Reasons of the Current Armed Violence in South Sudan

Sudan gained its independence from the Great Britain in 1956. Since that time, it has been facing the longest civil wars in Africa. It has been involved in ethnic, religious conflicts between the ruling political factions in Khartoum and the Southern rebel groups. According...



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