The Great Game: The Mediterranean Sea Project in spite of Turkey

Whilst the global economic balance of power changes rapidly, the world powers continue their works to exclude Turkey from the game, particularly, “restriction of maritime authority” debates that came to the fore with the issue of Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Mediterranean Sea,...

Ashgabat Declaration of the Energy Charter Conference is Adopted

The 28th session of the Energy Charter Conference held under the chairing of Turkmenistan in this international organization continued its work in the capital. At present session held under the ministerial part of the 28th session, the initial outcomes of the chairing of Turkmenistan in...

Armenia’s Nuclear Program: A Regional Security Threat with Global Consequences

Armenia’s nuclear program/plant is an outdated and full of risks due to which it has been declared a “REGIONAL SECURITY THREAT” with having sever global consequences by many regional and international agencies. Moreover, Armenia’s government has been using its nuclear program as political maneuvering...



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