The Situation of The European Security Structure during the Fifth Year of the Crimea’s Annexation

On the 21st March, 2014 Crimea, fall under Russian Soveiregnty in compliance with Referandum results. It has been exactly five years since the Referendum and Crimea’s legitimacy is controversial. With the current election situation in Turkey, international politics is not reflected in the media...

Uzbekistan-Turkey: A New Stage of Strategic Partnership

The Uzbek and Turkish people have the similarity of customs, traditions and common values ​​that have developed over the centuries. This resemblance is reflected in the relations between two states. At present, time-tested relationship based on friendship and cooperation are consistently developing, relying on...

Why did Russia make a choice in Sochi in favor of Turkey?

Astana, who entered the crisis at the Tehran summit, once again passed an important test (in particular Turkey-Russia relations). The unscheduled summit took place in Sochi on September 17. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, together with Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced to the whole world...

Is Turkey-Russia Centric “Eurasian Axis” Possible?

The diplomatic traffic on the Ankara-Moscow line is indeed a “jealous” kind of some. Especially President Erdogan’s invitation to President Putin to meet at fish restaurant in Istanbul, obviously makes “those ones” nervous. It is very clear who or who is meant by “those...

Eurasian Neighbours of Russia (V): Armenia

Armenia is the only Eurasian neighbour of Russia who is resolutely attached to Moscow. While Ukraine and Georgia have a western dimension of their national identities, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have Turkic dimensions to balance Russian pressure on their national identities. In Tajik case, there...

Eurasian Neighbors of Russia (II): Georgia

Georgia is the first Eurasian neighbour of Russia who suffered a territorial loss in the post-Soviet period. From constructivist approach, the main reason of occupation of Georgian territories by Russia is the problem of national identity of the country. In this analysis, we will...



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